Panda Pets ($BAMBOO)

$BAMBOO is a decentralized cryptocurrency born into the Panda Pets ecosystem. It is built upon the Binance Smart Chain and emphasizes the new era of financial security and yield farming. Our well scaled marketing plan and knowledgeable software developers, alongside our dedicated and experienced team, will ensure our journey to the moon.



5% Marketing/Development

This tax will exist on all buys and sells. It will be a fundamental part of our scaled marketing plan. Our marketing team will use this tax to guarantee a consistent increase in exposure and volume.

4% Liquidity Injection

Four percent of every buy and sell will automatically be injected into the token's liquidity, thus creating a rising price floor and reduced volatility.


Fair launch

The decision to make Bamboo a fair launch was made as we want to give everyone equal opportunity in purchasing bamboo.

1% Max wallet

Max wallet holdings have been set to 1% of the token's supply. This ensures greater price stability in our future. This also protects new investors as no one person can own a controlling share of the token.

0% Team tokens

Although we are working 24/7, we are big believers in the power of community. As such, all members of our team have purchased our tokens and become members of our community.

How to buy?

Panda Pets is currently available on all DEXs supporting Binance Smart Chain. As seen in Phase 3 of our road map, in due course you will be able to purchase Bamboo directly from the Panda Pets swap. This will result in becoming the cheaper, more efficient method for purchasing Bamboo, in comparison to current DEXs Bamboo is traded on.

Quick Start Guide

Download Metamask

Download the official Metamask extension for Google Chrome from and follow the steps to create an account.

Purchase BNB

Buy BNB from either a CEX like Binance or directly through Metamask. If you have bought BNB from a Centralised Exchange, you will need to withdraw the BNB to your Metamask wallet address.

Buy Bamboo

You can now use your BNB to purchase Bamboo through Pancake Swap! We're excited to have you join the journey with us.

Panda Pets Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Anti-snipe stealth launch
  • Extensive raiding on twitter and telegram channels
  • Fun interactive competitions
  • Small social media promotions
  • Panda Pets NFT staking in development
  • 50K market cap achieved
  • 500 telegram members
  • LP lock extension

Phase 2

  • Initial roll out of our scaled marketing plan,this will be coordinated by our lead marketing strategist, along with community involvement
  • Shill bots deployed
  • Larger telegram influencer promotions
  • Trending campaign (Dextools,Coinsniper,Coinmooner, CN token, etc.)
  • Website V2 launch
  • Panda Pets NFT staking launch
  • White paper release
  • 200k market cap achieved
  • 2k telegram members
  • LPlock extension

Phase 3

  • Banner campaign launch(meme tech/Poooin/Coinsniper/Dextools)
  • Mainstream influencers
  • Liquidity add
  • CMC/CG fast track
  • More fun community competitions
  • First CEX
  • 1+ million market cap achieved
  • 10k telegram members
  • Lpburn

Phase 4

  • YouTubepromotions
  • Twitter trending
  • Ethereumbridge
  • P2E beta out
  • More CEXs
  • Major Instagraminfluencers
  • TFL advertisement
  • Vegas billboard
  • Game release on App Store
  • Major press releases


Raid Leader

Our raid leader will be in the chat around the clock. He will be leading large-scale raids into cryptocurrency loungesto bring in new members, gaining awareness and exposure as an added benefit.

Contract Developer

Our contract developer has a behind the scenes role in developing our future utilities. Although he may not be too active in the group, he will be present to answer any questions people may have.

Marketing Coordinator

Our marketing coordinator will be working closely with all members of our team to ensure a perfectly well-oiled machine. He has vast knowledge and experience in meme coins and cryptocurrency in general, he will help make sure Panda Pets is growing at the optimal rate.

Marketing Leader

Our marketing leader will oversee our social media pages. He has previously had incredibly successful engagement on his Twitter in other projects. He understands how to effectively grow and develop a social media page to bring in new investors.


Our moderators will be in the telegram chat 24/7 answering any questions the community and new investors may have. They will also ensure our chat is a healthy and wholesome place to be.

Lead Marketing Strategist

Our lead marketing strategist has been involved in the BSC meme coin space since 2017, and personally witnessed the parabolic rise of the Binance Smart chain first-hand. He has anin-depth understanding of what the most beneficial marketing strategies will be and will execute each portion of our marketing material at the perfect time.

We are open to gaining new team members! If you believe you have what it takes, feel free to fill out your details in the 'contact us' box and we will get back to you.
We look forward to seeing you in our community!

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